The Lutheran Missionary Association in Rødovre is a small and exciting circle that gathers approx. 14 km from City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

We meet approx. once a week: every Sunday or Saturday (the last Saturday of the month). Sundays begin with coffee/tea, while there is communal dining before and communion after the meetings on Saturdays.

The meeting on the first Sunday of the month is a basic meeting. The basic meetings deal with the fundamental aspects of Christianity and are arranged so that people without church affiliations can participate. We attach great importance to the Christian community, and also to others hearing the good news about Jesus.

One of the projects that takes up a lot of our consciousness is telling this message in “Kærene” – a high-rise building in the southern part of Rødovre, where many different nationalities live. Tent meetings have been held in “Kærene” for the last four summers, which has given rise to many conversations and led to the establishment of a children’s club. Welcome to Rødovrekredsen.

Rødovre Mission house – (see map)